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A little Sneak Peak...

There is an enormous amount of evidence-based research to support the fact that writing and sharing your story works for anyone who has experienced interpersonal (person- related) trauma!

I believe it was the healing power of working with my story that cleared the path to move forward.

Through writing and sharing life stories, I’ve learned how to reinterpret, rewrite, and re-create myself.

Now I’ve turned my transformation into an easy-to-follow creative process that anyone can use to move forward and start enjoying life like never before.

I don't want to give too much away but where are a few things that are included: Easy to follow video modules with writing prompts, a full playbook and students will receive a 1:1 coaching call with me and plenty more. 

I'm beyond excited to share this course with you my friend! 

About your host

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Renee Marie Simpson has been helping people reclaim their power after trauma for over 10 years. She combines creative writing with science-based healing practices to provide you with a dynamic experience sure to change your life.