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How Festivals Can Help Us Reclaim Power

Feb 22, 2022

On the weekend, I attended Unity. A Meeting Place for all to meet, be heard, held, and empowered. Unity, from the beginning, has held an intention that “together we have the power to heal the world”. This is a responsibility that each of the organisers holds deeply in their hearts, and they feel the call more now than ever to evoke a positive change, to bring great healing and flourishing.

This was a sacred calling to join together.

The Meeting Place was inspired by the original people of Australia who would come together, sometimes travelling hundreds of kilometres, meet, share wisdom and connect with the dreaming through corroboree. It is this connection with spirit, community and country that guided the event this year.

With great respect we camped on the land of the Darkinyung people, participating in workshops, yoga, dance, healing ceremonies, ice baths, drumming circles, musicians and nature immersion. We nourished our bodies with plant-based local organic food and drinks. Abstaining from any mind-altering substances to ensure we were all connecting on the same level and we listened to the wisdom passed down from indigenous elders and inspiring change-makers around the world.

It was hard to leave Sofia at home with her dad but I felt called to go solo. To receive guidance and find reassurance. To contribute and give what I could to the conversation. To learn more for you and for our community to heal.

Truthfully, I am currently feeling the disconnect with the masculine. I have lost trust in men. I am scared. I am angry and I want to face that because I want to love men moving forward. I don’t want to hide anymore. I want to feel safe connecting with them. I am tired of being masculine in my relationships. I want to embody my feminine, gentle and softness.

I was in my cave for the first two days, listening and observing not ready to meet people (especially not men). I can be very withdrawn when I’m deep in thought. But slowly I came out and began connecting with more and more people. I even spoke to a few lovely men! Building my confidence to hold space for others and trust.

Over the weekend, the message I received became clear.

To unite us in love we must:


Crack open our hearts like coconuts.

Feel the heartbreak.

Be present.

Be the bridge.


Love. (You don’t have to like or agree).

Oneness. You are one but you are not number one.

Because, it’s the disconnection from the love that creates sick people (perpetrators), and sick society and makes our mother earth sick too.

So as the lyrics to ‘In Dreams’ by Jai Jagdeesh goes,

“Go and open doors with your love, compassion and grace.

Know you are loved. Rest in peace.

Dream your sweet dreams. Until your soul is released.”


Sending you lots of love.



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